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19 March 2006

Ideally I would be in bed right now instead of staring at the clock on the corner of my computer screen and wishing that midnight would hurry up. But I'm afraid that I can't just yet, after all, it's the eve of Course Registration. All the little elves are busy. As for a hangover day, it's been generally not-so-bad, but I think that needs to be attributed to McDonalds at some point during the wee hours of last night and this morning. Who would have ever suspected that McDonalds could be attributed to feelings of good health? I'm tired and have been so for much of the day. It's been awhile since I went out with such flare. And my soul it was fun. As I mentioned, I took my own Brokeback Mountain stars and I laughed so hard my mascara ran off my eyes and right down my face. Wow I want to go to sleep. My friend Alisa was there. Apparently I called her "Ma-lisa" and "Sa-lisa". Apparently I giggled when she corrected me. And through it all, I could stop thinking about Homer and his "hankerin' for a spankerin'". Sadly, I have no really good pictures to post. However, with that being said, I have seen some out and about, and sadly again, they are not in my possession and well on there way to becoming blackmail material.

I got nothin'. Except a great desire to go to bed.

Woman #1: I'd love to wake up to reassuring warmth and strength every day.
Woman #2: Buy a coffee maker with a timer.
Jan Eliot

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