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20 March 2006

I've been getting a few boxes and totes packed here and there in preparation of moving into PC's house. Apparently my moving date has moved up since Lil Homo's boyfriend is moving in for July 1st. Since Smart, me and mummsy are in NY, I shant be moving on that particular weekend. What they hey, I'll just settle in a little earlier. I'm probably the most excited about having a separate office. A real, honest-to-goodness office that doesn't have a bed, and a bedroom that doesn't have a great big toe-busting oak chair to trip over. Ah the serenity... take me away...

One a more humourous note though, since packing and cleaning, I am struck by just how many rogue tampons (fully packaged still) are floating around. I had those suckers jammed in everywhere. lol. except for me. jammed in other tangible things. Not my vagina. Let me know if you need any. I have four sitting at various positions on my desk. Just a'waitin' for a good time.

Oh lord. Did I just write that?

Yes. Yes I did. And now I'm going to publish it. And then I'm going back to finishing that fucking paper. I think I've lost my mind. It has dribbled out my ear. Perhaps I should stick a tampon in it.


Potor said...

True poetry.

That I could have lived without.

Gia said...

THAT was perfect!

Suz said...