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28 March 2006

When spelling words for 8 year old children, if there is any lapse in speed (due to the new technique of cursive writing...), concentrate on what it is that you are verbally spelling for them. One particular example is when spelling the word vibrating. While they struggle with the loops and swishes, continue focusing on the word at hand. Try not to spell vibrator. When they double check the "or" part of it at the end, simply explain that it was a mistake on your part. You really meant to tell them "ing". Vibrating. Not Vibrator. Try not to laugh and focus on wiping the stupid grin off your face. Refrain from sharing the Freudian slip with the 8 year old. Blog about it while it is still fresh in your mind.


Potor said...

OMG! Call CPS and save that child from the deviant!

Jen said...


Ms Dare2dv8 said...


I tell ya... this stuff's too pathetic to make up!

Gia said...

SNORT!!! Nice one! Sounds totally like you. I'm giggling, and not surprised. ;P