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21 April 2006

A Beautiful Whirlwind!

So my perspective is back on track! Thank gawd, because holy hannah those moments are a pain in the behind. PC is due home in a little under 25 hrs. My last exam is scheduled for 2pm today. The sun is shining. I slept well. And I think I'm getting a trampoline. Or a pool. Or new lawn furniture. I've been informed that I can't have all three, but I can pick one. And it's not as easy as some may assume for the reasons listed below.

1) The Trampoline.

I'm excited about this possibility on a whole lot of levels, but the most obvious is that I love a good Bum War. Have I been living with the 'mos for too long, you may ask?? No! It's great! It's a hoot! It makes me laugh so hard I always end up peeing a little bit (I am 30, you know). And it's great excersize. And since my sex life has gone cold turkey (save except this upcoming week - LOOK OUT!!) I figure a good bounce on a trampoline would make up for missing out on a good bounce in the bedroom. So that's option 1 and my personal reasoning.

2) The Pool.

Don't get too hot and horny over this immediate selection because it's probably not quite what you're thinking. But it is one of those lovely little numbers you set up at the beginning of the season and then take down at the end. It gets hot around these parts and all that's really going to happen is that Kiki and I are going to bob around, maybe naked, maybe not. Mom and dad have a pool and they do the maintenance. They will only be 20 minutes away. This is what makes this not such a viable option. But an option none-the-less!

3) Lawn Furniture.

I'm soon to have a new, big yard. I really want lawn furniture, but we have to dig a trench to fix a drainage problem, and I would need to build a new deck. He informs me that we'll have a lovely big deck on which I can perch and drink my coffee when we build a new house. That's probably, realistically, 3 years from now. I'm not known as a patient kind of girl. And there's a set I already picked out.

As we were chatting last night he informed me that he found my christmas present, but they required 20% down and he had six months to pay it off. Kiki puts money on that it's a diamond. As in, The Rock. The oh-my-god-look-what-I'm-committing-to kind of Christmas present. I suspect it's earings. Personally I think it's a waste of money for earrings, but it makes him happy. Weird, eh?

Anyways, I'm looking for input on soon-to-be-made purchases!

Boys, just to put you at your ease, let me just say that at our all-girl gatherings, we don't just talk about length - we also talk about width.

Kathy Lette


Potor said...

I quote Homer Simpson:


Bridget said...

Hell, hold out for the rock! Life is short, trust me (or look at what happens when you put shit off LOL).

On the other hand, a place to sit outside with a cold beer after a long day is really nice once you have it.

May all good things come your way sweets!

Jen said...

My vote goes with the trampoline. I miss my trampoline. You may have inspired me to get another.

Ms Dare2dv8 said...

I have laughed all afternoon at the TRAMAPOLINE!

Broken Angel said...

Having had all 3 in my life, get the trampoline. 1) Fun exercise, made more fun by not seeming like exercise - great results 2)You can hang out and drink a beer on it, have fun,fun sex on it, put a sprinkler under it in the summer and it's as good as a pool, and you can even sleep on it in the hot summer nights (see fun sex above) So it's like much more fun than just a trampoline, It's like they say about slinky! It's fun for a girl and a boy ;)

Ms Dare2dv8 said...

lol - Broken Angel