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03 April 2006


The day is drawing to a close and by the time I turn in, I will be the closest I have ever been to tomorrow and then the day after. A remarkable turn of events.

All in all the day was pretty quiet. Punctuated by random emails and text messages (G!) I was struck by the fact that birthdays no longer held the punch that they did in younger years. I have passed through that magical portal to the land where people wish you well and mean it. They call. They hug. They chat. They buy you nothing. And not that I'm complaining, but I had to stop and wonder when did this happened? Certainly not that I'm expecting it from anyone (although I must confess that Smarts bought me a leather handbag and I am on Cloud 9 over it!), but isn't it funny that we sneak into that way so quietly? Atleast I thought so. I was supposed to have dinner with my aunt, but I got swamped in class. In fact, to be perfectly honest, except for the above mentioned, AND wonderful blog comments, the day was not unlike any of those I spent at 29. However, do not sigh in disappointment for me, because I am most pleased to report that this new year of life was not entered into with the clarity of hindsight that said "oh shit. why did I do that?". It's the first time in five years. It's a good feeling.

PC called me tonight and got me out of my grump. We talked for probably an hour and a half and it was just nice. It was light and easy and made me miss him all over again and more. He was disappointed that I hadn't received anything in the mail yet. Apparently he sent directions with it. Folks, just so you know, I love getting things... especially things with directions. If it's not x-rated, I'll post a picture.

Well, it's time for bed. Tomorrow's another day and I suspect the sun will shine. I can't wait to see what I'll find. :)

"We used to laugh so much then. Now everything is so solemn, so joyless. One cannot moan everlastingly."

Katharine Hepburn


Potor said...

Ah, but now you really appreciate a gift, especially the small ones.

When we were little we just said “I want this, and this, and this…”

Jen said...

Yeah, and we threw fits and were mad for days if we didn't get everything.

I remember those days.

Gia said...

We'll get ya out to the 20/20 and get yer groove on. Make ya feel all young in there!