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02 April 2006

Do Not Remove Prior to Purchase

At 4:16am tomorrow morning, I will officially enter my thirties. 30's. Thur-tees. And I know, I have been telling people that I have been there for years. But I must confess that as I draw nigh to the threshold, I am a bit discombobulated. More aptly, I am looking over my shoulder and then peering ahead and going... WTF??? Wow. What a ride. I can't wait to see what the next decade is going to bring. Seriously.

So, in honour of my Fresh Decade quickly approaching, I am listing the Top Ten Tidbits that Andrea Desires to See to Fruition.

1) To finish school, perhaps squeeze in a master's just previous to starting the next decade. Perhaps.

2) To do that which grants me great satisfaction and to understand that if something is going wrong all the time, then it's probably stemming from me, not the world.

3) To swallow #2 graciously, bravely, strongly, humbly, and topped off with a good dose of humour.

4) To partake in childbirth.

5) To get married.

6) To encourage whoever, whenever, to take the bull by the proverbial horns and ride it out on the coattails of inertia all the while screaming THIS IS FUCKING AWESOME at the very top of their lungs.

7) To try and get pictures of #6 to remind them of what they are Possible of. Capabilities be damned.

8) To get my motorbike license.

9) To do more skinny dipping.

10) To embrace the WooHoo of my later years and maybe get one more tattoo, you know, to help tell the story to my grandkids. ;)

Things to consider before plastic surgery: Will I look as if I'm standing in a 100 mph wind?

Valerie Harper


Jen said...

Hopefully #4 and #5 will happen in opposite order than posted, because trying to fit in a wedding dress (and still look great) while pregnant or post-pregnancy is a pain in the tuckus. The body REALLY changes after baby.

I wish all those things for you, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Happy Birthday to You! Chachacha!
Happy Birthday to You! Chachacha!
Happy Birthday Ms. Deeeeeeeee!!!
Happy Birthdaaaaaaaay to Yoooooou!

Ms Dare2dv8 said...


Bridget said...

Happy birthday to you Andrea! I hope your thirties are as fun as your twenties and more rewarding even. Your list is a wonderful set of goals as well as a reminder of the amazing gifts you give to the world and those around you. I hope you have a blast!

Potor said...

Happy birthday!

I say you combine #9 & #10, get a tattoo of yourself skinny-dipping