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21 April 2006


It's over. Not only is it over, but I think I did well on it. And the beauty of it all you ask? Well, the beauty of it all is that even if I blow it to hell in a handbag and then back over it with a truck it's only worth 12% of my mark. It's probably best that I didn't know that until 20 minutes previous to the exam itself because I probably would have studied less.

12%. Really, who puts a final exam of a full year's course at 12%? A professor who is now my favourite. Hands down. He rocks. I'm slack. We've found a good balance.

Life, people, life is good. In fact, I'm going so far to say that right now, it FUCKING ROCKS!

I wrote the story myself. It's about a girl who lost her reputation but never missed it.

Mae West


Bridget said...

Yay! I love contagious happy! :)

Potor said...


Mae West NYC said...

Hearing her name mentioned, Mae West came up to see you and say hello - -