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30 April 2006

Early Sunday Morning

It's 6:30 on my am dial and PC's plane left about 15 minutes ago. I left him at the final security check and then watched the sun come up over the river. Funny how when I dropped him at the airport in January I was devestated and this time, you know, it wasn't so bad. Funny how things change.

What a great week. In fact it was such a great week, I wished I had filmed the entire thing because it would have made a great episode of something or other. I'll recap as best I can.

PC flew in on Saturday afternoon, and believe it or not, I was nervous. We had known each other for about 4 years, we had officially dated for only about 4 months, and then he was in a different part of the country for 3 more. I was nervous that things had been too perfect, too easy. Something had to have changed. I must have gained weight. He must have thought things through again. There had to be something. There had to be fucking something.

There wasn't. As soon as he got off the plane and I stopped laughing at his long ringlets and five inches of beard and his new harley davidson jacket that he was so tickled with, there wasn't anything besides that wonderful feeling of security and easiness and little heart skips you get when you know that you're exactly where you want to be at that most exact moment.

I won't go into the vivid details of my week of sex, but I will tell you - USE YOUR IMAGINATION! Abs are tight. Vagina is happy. Smiles all around. I think there may even be a bite mark or two. Atleast two. I have yet to count with a hand-held mirror.

OMG. I'm so not deleting that.

I got to go into a classroom this week. A grade 5 class with rowdy boys and behavior problems and little girls that had been removed from their home because of sexual abuse. I hung out with kids that didn't get a certificate of participation because in order to receive one they had to have a buddy at home to help them with reading for 15 minutes each night. And there was no one to help. Let me clarify: there was someone there, but there was no one to help. There was a kid who was bi-polar. Three others had autism. One was found wandering through downtown Toronto when he was 3 years old, looking for lunch. His mother had over dosed and now he was in foster care. He informed his regular classroom teacher that he liked me. He'd be ok with it if I had to stay in the classroom. She's not weak, he said.

We did a social studies festival with all the provinces and territories of Canada. We had parents and students in. We made maple leaves and flags and talked about what they wanted to be when they grew up... what the toughest things about school were... what their favourite things about school were. We played soccer at recess. I split up fights and made them shake hands. I watched a poker tournament. I laughed more than I probably should have at jokes that were not 'school worthy'.

Hey Ms. Dare
Yes, Caleb
Why do they have to warm up outer space?
Why, Caleb?
So Uranius don't get cold!

And at the end of the week, the teacher I was under gave me a mug that said teachers have a tough job. We hold hands, fix hurts, heal hearts, and then maybe teach them "lessons" the world thinks they need to learn. She told me that she felt I found my calling. I was tickled because I had such a great week I had really hoped that I did and that those who did the employing agreed.

And that was only my week during the day. At night I got to stay with PC.

We settled in. There was no hesitation in words spoken on either side. He held open the door for me one night as I went by yawning. What are we going to do when we're married and your working full time and we're having all this sex, he asked. I grinned and said that I would adjust and we would find our rhythm. We measured the house for new flooring. We walked around the yard to see where I'd put my firepit. We talked about flowers and vehicles and what we wanted for the next 5 years. We talked about longterm and forever things. We talked about putting a basement in and building his garage. Especially since he just bought me a car.

Oh yeah, did I mention he bought me a car?

Did I mention that it is a 1956 VW Bug that was rebuilt and modified in California and has personalized license plates that say MUD BUG? Did I happen to pass along that it's PURPLE and has oversized tires and a muffler that sticks STRAIGHT UP IN THE AIR!! And that there's chrome and leather and power windows and light kits on it?? At night it glows purple. Yes, I've attached pictures. It was Sunday night when we got home that he went to the cupboard and said, oh yeah, I got you a little something. And hands me the registration slip.

People - I was speechless.

And I'm never speechless.

But let me tell you this: when I found my tongue, there was no shutting me up. I called everyone.

Kiki: It's about time you called
Me: You gotta sit down. PC got me something.
Kiki: OMG he gave you a rock, didn't he?!!
Me: No no, he got me THE BUG!!!

We laughed and tee-heed a bit longer. She looked up all the parades we could enter over the summer. I suspect we'll be busy.

I'm tired now, so I think I'll nap for a bit. The sun's due out and it's supposed to climb to 20 degrees (65 F).

The great pleasure of a dog is that you may make a fool of yourself with him and not only will he not scold you, but he will make a fool of himself too.

Samuel Butler (1835-1902)


Potor said...

Holy schnikies! Buy that man a razor.

Suz said...

Um, yeah, what Potor said. I love a hairy man and all, but...yeah.

also, A CAR!??!?! WOW. Bitchin' wheels, girl!

And I love that you're doing so well at teaching. What is it about teachers? We are very different people than the rest of the world, I think.

Also I love your quote.

Jeni Paij said...

Ms. D - Shallow people piss me off...I'm glad PC is so "outta the box!" Often we learn to love the outside after the creamy filling is smeared all over it. Good for you. You deserve someone that's good for your Dare2DV8 image.

Oh, and that VW rocks! - PA

To Potor: Love very rarely comes in the appropriate look a little nerdy but the girl of your dreams won't hold that against you either. Maybe you're just a wee-bit jealous because of the descriptive copulation story...?

Well written, btw.


Smarts said...

That is just such a freaking hilarious picture!!!!!

Of course I mean of the bug.

Kiki said...

We had dinner with Andrea and the hairy beast and I almost died when boyfriend started to sit down with some strange old man before I realized who it was!! He looks much better groomed!

Ms Dare2dv8 said...

What can I say? I'm head over heels in love with someone who gets all that is important. Really important. Stuff that is way worth overlooking a bit of scruff from time to time.


Lisa said...

From a former foster child and current child advocate:

Rock on!

Have you ever read any books by Torey Hayden? They are based on her personal experiences of working with special needs kids. Reading them makes you feel like you could change the world!

Also, for the foster child, your firmness must signify stability. And stablility is generally in short quantity for kids in foster care! Hope that goes well.

Bridget said...

OH such happiness! And what a man! I'm so so happy for you-you deserve every wonderful thing. Glad to see the week you looked forward to for so long was so rewarding!

Ms Dare2dv8 said...

Hey Lisa - I checked out your site and there's lots of helpful hints - thank you! Kids are always worth the time.


Potor said...

Did Jeni just call me a nerd? And then say I’m not getting any? Wow.

Ms. D, you know I’m not dissing your man, right? I was trying to follow the spirit of your beard-length-emphasizing photo.

Oh, and P.S. that bug rocks! I’ll bet you find excuses to go out now.

Ms Dare2dv8 said...

I think she may have, but I suspect it was in the most loving way possible. Because we're a loving blog here at Wonderful Imperfections. Nothin' but love. Feelin' the love. Embracin' the love. You get it. And I'm sure your sex life is wonderful.

Doesn't the bug just rock out loud! And don't worry, I signed my dear and beloved PC up for a shave and a haircut in less than 24 hours!