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20 April 2006


The day's done. Over. Finito. Word. Atleast for as much as I'm putting into it. It's been one of those afternoons where you come away feeling slightly beat up and a whole lot tired. Where no matter what, it's wrong and answers are never good enough. I started to talk to God about it but then I remembered that He's up there, He just doesn't give a rats ass.

I think it's a perfect opportunity to go to bed and wake up on the right side tomorrow. Early enough to study for that fucking exam because tonight I'm going to finish my book. So there.

Grit your teeth, because it is a matter of resilience, stamina and energy. And never try to imitate what the boys do.

Christine Lagarde


Jen said...

Wow, MsD. I'm sorry you had a bad day. Are you Catholic or something? 'Cause I know my God cares, but a lot of people don't understand that. He's a great place to dump my troubles so I can move on.

Maybe you need a hot bubble bath and a good book. That always makes me feel better.

And hey, I have a test tomorrow too. We can both fail together!!!

Potor said...

I feel your pain Ms. D!