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16 April 2006


I've been tagged by the lovely Bridget... and am obliging!

Five minutes to myself:

I love to sit in the dark and listen to piano music, perhaps journal, perhaps not, but regardless I find comfort.

Five bucks to spend right now:

I love right-now money! I have to confess that it would be a small mint oreo blizzard from Dairy Queen with extra pieces - YUM!!

Five items I could part with:

My frumpy sweater that I insist on wearing around the fire at the river, a pair of sandals I just bought, my old botum, 3 books on Canada's Foreign Policy, thousands of empty cd cases

Five items I couldn't live without:

My blundstones and birks (aka: my lesbian shoes!), a ball cap, quilting hoop, my computer, coffee maker

Five words I love:


To all the world, but especially those I hold dear: Sleep well. Dream Big. Dare to risk it all.


Bridget said...

Damn, your answers are so good! I'm happy I know you.`

Ms Dare2dv8 said...

Ditto chicky. Ditto.

Potor said...

I dont know if I could part with all my books on Canada's Foreign Policy. I would have to keep at least 2.

Smarts said...

And what 2 would you choose Potor?

Jeni Paij said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting on "communication." I'm going to pretend you tagged me cause this is awesome list.

I've had days where I wanted to stand on the roof of a car...not necessarily mine...and scream at the top of my lungs.

Usually, I think I'll scream "Tawanda!" but yelling "F*&K" loud and long, I'd imagine, would work pretty well too.