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05 April 2006

Tonight was the Shakespeare Fest and there have been few occassions that have granted as much pleasure as I received tonight. The stage had been set as it had been set for every theatrical performance for the last five years. It's amazing with just how versitile it is. Strung along the top of the cardboard walls that wobbled when the door was closed too hard, were christmas lights held in place by duct tape. There was a hole in the "window" and the curtain partially fell down when it was pulled for the opening act. Tonight held a culmination of a lot of hard work and a small town that turned out in support of a small school. The costumes were made out of old prom dresses, a lot of bed sheets, the occassional dress, and several old nighties. Brutus wore a brown polyester dress, complete with shoulderpads, a rope to hold his sword, and a hockey helmet with a feather taped to it for headgear. One of the witches in A Midsummer's Night had a t-shirt that said DIVA across the front. The five year old that was perched on my lap so she could see properly leaned back and said: "They're not real thords ya know" incase I got nervous with the sword (thord) fight. In Romeo and Juliet someone was dressed in a Batman outfit. They served tea and scones at the end. Parents clapped and grandparents cheered and it was a night that went well and ended well. There's something to be said when a community smiles at a bunch of kids dressed up in old bedding. It does something really good for the soul.

"We are all here for a spell. Get all the good laughs you can."
Will Rogers


Fenn said...

HA! maybe my family and your family can get together and be needy to one another lol.
here i am about to go on mat leave making peanuts and just barely paying my bills with a new baby and a new house when i get a call from my dad wanting to borrow a hundred bucks. that's like asking a homeless person to borrow enough for a coffee!!!

Bridget said...

I love your images of a night at a school play-I think I cried the night my nephew had his first concert, I'm sure I'll be a gooshy weeping mess at my own kids' plays!

On the needy front-it sure sounds like you are the rock for those you love. It's a good thing!

Smarts said...

dido what Bridget said:

On the needy front-it sure sounds like you are the rock for those you love. It's a good thing!

Ms Dare2dv8 said...

I'm lucky to have a family who loves me... I'll do what I can to keep 'em around :)

Jeni Paij said...

Happy Belated Birthday...Ms. D. Thank you for the kudos and many, many happy returns! Namaste - PA