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10 May 2006


I am a 30 year old straight woman caught in the middle of a homosexual love triangle.

Folks, THAT is a statement that doesn't get stated every day.

Holy shit.

Virtue is its own reward; sin pays better.

Adrienne Gusoff


Bridget said...

Hi, have you learned nothing? Love triangles are hell on earth. But then again, mine was hetero. Is someone jealous of your time with their loved one?

Potor said...

Not true, I hear that at least twice a month.

Ms Dare2dv8 said...

thankfully it has NOTHING to do with me - did you hear my BIG AUDIBLE SIGH OF RELIEF??? ;)

It's just that everyone (gay guys) loves the mo that lives with me. A past love took me out to tell me his past regrets. And it's a little tense around this neck of the woods...

Bridget said...

Oh, geez, have him read my blog and tell him to go for it! Life is too short to wait ten years to tell someone you really do love them. I'm glad to see you're a trusted soul among your circle. I can see why they all love you so. :)

Ms Dare2dv8 said...

bless your heart, Bridg! :)

I can guarantee that some love me and some. do. not.

ah well. what can you do?