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25 May 2006

I come from...

I come from a place that sits along the river
with a big yard and an old house that has seen its fair share of angels and demons
where dad sits in a rocking chair in front of the window and talks to God
where mom finishes everything that you weren't even aware of her starting.

I come from I love you's
from "choose wisely", and "you know better than that" and the occassional spanking
from tears of pain and happiness, but not so many from regrets.

I come from imperfections
from things not always done the best way, just the way that was known at the time
from mistakes that sometimes seem to take a long while to understand.

I come from a lot of laughter
from dirty jokes and dumb mistakes
from jumping through sprinklers and just being human.

I come from a place I can always go back to no matter what
from a family who understands grace and a kitchen table that has drank a lot of tea, coloured a lot of pictures and had a lot of talks.

I come from firepits and mosquitos and "Andrea come quick and see the Northern Lights!"
from small town fairs and Miss Congeniality.
From a place where everyone knows your business whether you like it or not.

I come from there and I am me.
Strangely and perfectly


Bridget said...

I think I love you Andrea.

But not in that way. I like who you are AND where you come from. :)

Colin Monty said...

You are an amazing writer. You seem to capture the moment of time with your words. Very inspiring and calming. Thanks for letting me read your blogs.


Jen said...

Loved it!

Jeni Paij said...

*smiles* - PA