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09 June 2006

I'm exhausted tonight. Another week has flown by and the countdown is on for the end of term. I'm close, but right now I'm so tired I'm not sure I'll make it. Oh, I know I will... but I'll be more certain of that tomorrow. In the interm, my head hurts from lack of sleep.

But I had a chance for an outing tonight with my sister... it was prom at the little high school in the little town that we attended. It was taffeta and tiaras and giggly girls and boys tugging at the sleeves of a new tux. It was grandparents, moms, dads, aunts, uncles, and the same ones that go every year because "it's so lovely to see all those beeuteeful dresses!". It was a magical night for 15 graduates. I talked and laughed with many that I see regularly and some that I rarely see... it was a nice evening, rounded out by coffee with mom and dad at the local Tim Horton's. How funny it was to sit and watch the Grand March and to think that it was no longer just yesterday that I did that myself. Funny how time slips by so quickly. Funny how I can't say that I missed it or missed out. I've really enjoyed my life thus far, and if the theme music keeps playing, it looks like it will just keep getting better.

I'm off to bed. It's been a good night.

"The world is so full of a number of things, I'm sure we should all be as happy as kings."

Robert Louis Stevenson


Smarts said...

You were the best date ever! You made me look good.


Love you.

Ms Dare2dv8 said...


why? because I looked like the family lesbian?

Smarts said...


Ms Dare2dv8 said...


Smarts said...