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23 June 2006

It's a Dog, but that's not Its real Feet

My phone rang at the ungodly hour of 8:26 this morning. Kiki was on the other end of it on her cell phone, zooming past my front door in her malibu and saying (rather stinkerly) "Ha! FINALLY I get to wake you up! HA!"

There were two HA's! Apparently she was pleased with herself. So I got up to pee and promptly went back to bed for another hour and a half. I did my best to remember what it was that I did and said last night. Apparently I sent out a few emails. My spelling was atrocious. I also apparently called PC and when he answered his phone I broke into a stirring rendition of "Doncha wish your girlfriend was hot like me?!". I then apparently stopped short and said "Lucky you! I am your girlfriend! And I'm hot!" I always felt that it was good to have a healthy self image. When I came down to the office to check my email this afternoon, I was greeted by a Blue Sapphire Gin bottle and an empty martini glass with remnants of OJ sitting in the bottom. I remembered taking a swig last night and being slightly startled with how much my mixture reminded me of the Deep Woods Off that I accidently got a windy taste of last week. Funny how things taste similar under entirely different circumstances, eh?

I was reading the local newsletter that comes out at the first of each month. Kiki and I come from a small town. A particular example of this fact occurred around 3:30 this afternoon whilst sitting in her parents porch with her grandmother. I have been looking for a dog and there was one "Looking for a Good Home" with a local number. So I called it. No answer. "Just wait until the answering machine clicks on and then we'll know who has it". We knew. Not only did we know who it was, we knew the dog and the reason that he needed a new home (they're moving). Being from a small place cuts down on a lot of paper work. We proceeded to discuss the move, and, believe it or not, their pensions. Huh. I never did inquire further about the dog.

This is my sister and I last week. One is of our heads, the other is of our feet. For the purpose of my self esteem, I hope you can tell which is which.

Things should be made as simple as possible, but not any simpler.

Albert Einstein


Potor said...

Your Deettini sounds delicious!

Broken Angel said...

LOL! Ha! Ha! and again I say HA! When I used to go out with the gals and indulge in a healthy dose of liquid good cheer we'd put a post it note on the phone that said NO! to prevent embarassing or possibly life altering drunk dialing accidents. By the way, great pedicures.