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13 June 2006

A Long Tuesday

This morning I started out in the rain. This afternoon I hung out in the Emergency Room of the hospital, later on in the Cardiac Care Unit. Tonight I drove home to skies clearing in the west. Grampie got sick. He was on his way to having congestive heart failure. They scheduled him for emergency surgery and now has a brand-spank-me new pacemaker. He's 87 years old and this was his first time in the hospital.

"Are you sure this is the only time you've ever been to the hospital?" the nice, yet doubting nurse asked. Grampie thought for a moment.

"I went to the dentist twice to get a couple of teeth out, but decided after that I could do it on my own."

"Have you fallen down in the last two years?" Same nurse.

"Um.... *thinking*..... yep, when I tripped over that fuckin' tiller in the garden".

Nurse a bit wide-eyed. "What were you doing with a tiller in the garden?"

"Tilling the garden."

It was at this point that I laughed out loud. Grampie should be just fine.

"Fear is never a reason for quitting: it is only an excuse."

Norman Vincent Peale


Jen said...

Awesome. Go Grampie!

Potor said...

Best wishes for Grampie.

CDA said...

Awesome. Grampie & My Uncle Stan should go for beers. They are both 87, colorful, and probably would both dig me doing woodchippers, and mowing all their lawns.