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13 June 2006

Tuesday Morning

I had a hard time getting out of bed this morning. A really hard time. It was one of those mornings where every position you roll, curl or flop into, is perfect. The temperature is just right. The amount of blankets is ideal. The pillows, arranged only for you. And I wanted to stay there. So when Mark Phillips came through my clock radio this morning, I was not overly pleased. And no matter how much Trevor Doyle may sometimes irritate me, I do enjoy him and miss him while he's on vacation.

The rain let up for about a 20 hour period yesterday - enough time to repair the driveway where it washed away, and plant a few more things. It was so satisfying to actually, physically work for a few hours until my arms were sore and the job was finished. PC's dad came out and gave me a hand. He was disappointed that I had most of it done, but we puttered on it anyway. You know, to make it perfect. The evening sun was warm and a light breeze kept the bugs at bay. The conversation was good and it was nice to hang out with someone and accomplish something that didn't take too much brain power, and these days, my brain power is on energy saving mode.

I'm officially into my last week of classes, atleast until July 4th and then they start back up for 3 weeks. The summer hasn't offically began and already it seems to be slipping and running through my fingertips, never letter me get a good grip on it. PC is home on July 21st for two weeks and then we're driving to Alberta. I can't wait because I'm staying out until September 4th. My cousin lives in Edmonton, so I'll probably spend a week with her. She just had a new baby... #5 (YEESH!), and her husband works away. I figure she could probably use an extra set of hands. The new baby weighed 10lbs 2oz and she had to have an emergency c-section. I inquired whether or not she had her ovaries removed or something cauderized in there to slow down fertility. I received no immediate answer. At the very least, her husband could rearrange his coming home schedule to when she's NOT ovulating. Holy Hannah.

Well, since I'm sitting at the University, I should probably get some work done. I hope the day bodes well.


Potor said...

Enjoy your summer. I’ll try and send you some bottled sunshine. Do you want diet or regular?

And my day is boding nicely, thank you for asking.

Bridget said...

Hey, if you're driving to AB you'll have to get past me first.

OMG that would be so much fun. Unless you go through the US, like the rest of the planet. In which case booo!

Glad things are going well in your universe!

Ms Dare2dv8 said...

Nope, I'm going through Canada - wanna grabba java??

Ms Dare2dv8 said...

I'll take the regular please! And make it Biggie Sized!

Bridget said...

You mean a chance to meet the ultimate deviant? I mean deviator?

You bet, Sign me up.

PS I recently had a caffe mocha from starbucks and it was wonderful. Sigh. They're sucking me in.