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31 July 2006

Booze and Giant Lobsters

It's been a crazy week and a funny weekend. Peter's flaked out on his big chair in the living room, and I'm in the lower bedroom trying to.... make sense? ... see if it's possible to stop smiling?... wondering if things really are this amazing in the world? ... ahhh, screw it. Things are always better when they're not over-thought.

Today we took 3 kids and his mother to Prince Edward Island, then back to NB to play on the giant Lobster... then to the zoo... then to go-carts... then to filling our faces with sugar and shit and everything wonderful. It was a great day and we're all pooped.

Saturday night was our party that saw us all up late and telling our best sex stories around the fire. Apparently all our friends are jelous. We all got drunk. We all ate till we couldn't anymore. We laughed. We sang. We tripped over the guidewires on the big tent. All in all, a fairly successful get-together.

An inadequate post, I understand, but I've no idea how to seguay into my brain to transform images into words to make it even remotely tangible.

but that's ok too.

"I'm a bad woman, but I'm damn good company."

Fanny Brice


Bridget said...

Ah, the giant lobster. :)

This post was more than adequate. Such happiness. Love it.

bloggomatique said...

3 kids and his mother? So, like one body with three heads or just multiple personalities?