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03 July 2006

Cows, Coconuts, Killer Rabbits, and French People

I've landed back. The sun is shining, the breeze is warm, the thundershowers have ended, and suddenly, out of nowhere, I have room to breathe. Beautiful. It's one of those days for music that makes your head bob... kind of the bobble head move, just enough to make you think you're faking everyone into believing you have rhythm.

New York was everything. Overwhelming, spectacular, exhausting, exhilirating, and every other oxymoron you could possibly imagine. We had full days there and never once scratched the surface on any of it. I had never been swallowed by a tidal wave of people, until this passed week. I bought a fake Rolex, t-shirts, ate great food, ate mediocre food, drank a lot of iced coffee, and often thought: "for a city of this size, bathrooms are few". It reminded me a lot of Vancouver, you know, except for that it was in New York. I have to confess, that my trip forces me to worry about the general American population. A conversation that actually took place:

Girl I was with (GIWW): I'd like to mail these postcards
Hotel Clerk (HC): No problem *beaming smile*. Where are they going?
GIWW: Canada
HC: Is that overseas? *Beaming smile*.

No, actually it's that big land mass directly to the north of you that keeps Alaska from floating out to sea. It all makes understanding why Bush is still in power, much easier. But I need to say this, nobody was unkind. They smiled, they didn't make fun of tourists, they took it all in stride. They should become the North American Vatican and become their own little country. Maybe I shouldn't mention that outloud.

I'm off to hang clothes on the line and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. And the quote has been blatantly stolen from here. Because it's bang-on.

I learned that translated from Gaelic; "Trí na chéile a thógtar na cáisléain" means
"It's gradually that castles are built".


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The North American Vatican. Are you sure you went to New York?