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04 July 2006

I have a tough assignment due on Friday. My autobiography. He wants an indepth view of something that I did that defined who I am. And it's harder than it looks. It's funny because I always feel like I'm faking it, being an adult. That I've never really nailed down the part or how I'm supposed to take it on. It's like it's a bit dress rehersal and even the upcoming opening night, it's still a lot of, well, shit. And I'm constantly screwing up my lines.

Strangely enough, tonight, a rainy Tuesday, I felt comfortable, like I wasn't faking it. It's a good feeling. I hope it lasts.

"If you haven't cried, your eyes can't be beautiful."

Sophie Loren

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Bridget said...

And here I thought you were so damned together! For what it's worth, you appear to play the part very well. I like who you are.

Why don't you expend on the entry you wrote here about moving and why you finally took the plunge. That was a really adult post to me.