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16 July 2006

I kind of feel like I've fallen off the face of my world into a big bucket of water and can't find my bubbles to find which way is up. It's not bad, things aren't bad by any means, but it's just a surreal feeling of weightlessness and not being able to touch my feet onto anything solid. That, and all the blood's rushing to my head.

School's been in full force again with summer session. I really enjoy my classes, but the schedule is fairly intense - two full term courses compacted into a 3 week session. I feel slightly more organized than when I did going into intercession (6 wks), but if could have seen my lack of organization for then, you wouldn't put much stock in my slightly better abilities now. All I know is that I'm over halfway done and will be finished everything in a week from Thursday.

Peter comes home on Friday night, so I'm excited, anxious, and relieved all at once. Oh yeah, Peter is the b/f formerly known as PC. We're playing ball Saturday morning and I've got a major paper due on the following Monday, so needless to say, I've got a fair amount to organize this week. Sitting here on Sunday morning before it all begins, I'm down right curious to see where it's all going to be pulled from - a hat, my ass, thin air - no idea. Funny though, it'll get done. Somehow. I'm anxious for him to see his house, because no matter how much he told me to make myself at home, I don't think he had any idea the extent that my "making" has extended to. He'll either be content or scared. I'm not expecting any middle ground.

I'm buying a new car tomorrow, well, new to me. I'm quite excited to have 4 drs and air conditioning. My last car came from the west coast where a cold day was 12 C and a hot one was 22, so a/c was never a big deal. This week it has hovered at 30 with a humidex of 37. It's been pretty more than warm to say the least. But I can't complain because I've waiting for the heat to come. But that doesn't mean I can't offer up heartfelt thanks for the Danby gods of Home Air Conditioning units.

I was frustrated earlier this week because my two courses I'm taking, which I'm enjoying more than anything, can't be accredited to my degree for required course work... which in the long run is no biggie, but when I'm trying to get it done as soon as possible, it seems like more than a bump in the road. So I just finished figuring out what I need again. "Advisors are here for a reason, Andrea". Yeah. Whatever. Oh yeah, that and I got a speeding ticket - first one in 12 years. It pretty much licked because it's 3 pts and $168 bucks. I'm still shaking my head in disgust. I wasn't "speeding", I was "cruising" at a consistent speed. Didn't help.

Yesterday was the local fair. As I wandered around with my friend, her husband, and their kid, I was amazed at how certain aspects of it didn't change - still people running them that made you wonder where they came from to get to where they were right now; still rides that mysteriously never actually "worked" for the duration of the fair's presence in the town; still random bolts lying around. It was a lot smaller than they were when I was a kid, but the concept was still there... I couldn't quite pull the same feeling out of it that I received as a kid, but maybe that changed when I became an adult. Maybe. Whatever it was or wasn't lacking, I had a good time visiting and chatting and milling around. Sometimes you just need a day with very few expectations. I saw a fellow there that I hadn't seen in awhile, a local old timer who was helping with the horse-pull in the stadium, and he came up and said hello. Old men love me because they think I'm outrageous. Even their wives don't mind. I winked at him and said "How is it that everytime I see you, you get better looking?". He grinned all over, leaned down and said "And I ain't even got my new teeth in! They gotta adjust the sons a' whores cause they hurt!" I laughed and told him it didn't matter. He gave me a hug and told me that he was glad I moved home and that Peter had better be taking good care of me. His wife piped up and said "Are you kidding me? She's got it good - the house and him 3,000 miles away!". I learned a long time ago that people don't change much around here. I also learned that it's not a bad thing.


Jen said...

Yep, I remember those kind of carnivals. And I remember them being bigger, too. I think it's because when you're a kid, things seem so much bigger and we're so easily amused. I went back to an amusement park I often visited as a child and was close to bored. It was a lot smaller than I had remembered, and the rides were a lot less scary.

Or maybe it's like a drug, we just need more and more as time goes on to move our dulled senses.

bloggomatique said...

The last time I really enjoyed a midway (etymological discourse pending) it was the grand ol' CNE, Pour Some Sugar On Me was blaring constantly at the Polar Express, I lost my wallet, and ate several dozen Tiny Tom donuts without needing to finance them. Now I see carnival type attractions slapped up in the parking lots of big-box shopping centres and I can't imagine kids coming away from them with the same honey-hued memories I have; I never hear any big hair music as I'm passing by. If this post had a soundtrack it would be Lakeside Park (of course).