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08 July 2006

A New Groove

So my oldest nephew has come to live with me for awhile. It's funny, when I think about being his aunt I often stop to wonder if he thinks I'm as absolutley fucked up as I am, or if he just sees me as me being normal? And then I stop to remember that I've never been very good at being typical. He said he's happy to stay with me, that he likes to hang out with me, that I'm on the cusp of being halfway cool. Except he didn't say "cusp". Not many fourteen year olds use cusp.

Is it bad that I'm the one with the potty mouth?

"Every time I close the door on reality it comes in through the window."

Jennifer Unlimited


Potor said...

A potty mouth is a terrible thing to waste.

BD said...

Just no hiding from reality...