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11 July 2006

Weeds and Sweet Peas

You don't need to tell me that my blogging has been less than outstanding these days. Feel free to nod amoungst yourselves and create that general murmur of agreement, just don't tell me outright. I know.

I'm shocked that the middle of July is drawing nigh. Actually, it surprises the daylights out of me and I immediately get a little more stressed about what it is that I have due in the next two weeks. To say that time is of the essence is a very accurate statement.

The thunder, lightening and torrential rains that have been pulling through this place is amazing. When I was a kid I loved them. I thought they were the coolest thing ever and I never shyed away or backed down. I try to think about what changed, because when I'm alone, I just don't enjoy them. Especially at night. If someone's around, perfect, but the same force that I used to find so amazing now frightens me. I make myself sit and watch them. I'm not sure if it's helping or not, but I do it anyways.

I had coffee with an old friend yesterday and it was extremely enjoyable. It's interesting to think back on the issues about why we parted ways, and it's hard to express now what seemed so important then. I left our meeting with a true appreciation for how happy I was that her life was unfolding as it was... finally getting all those blessings that she deserves and has worked so hard for. I think she came away wary and unsettled, and considering all that's transpired, I can't say that I blame her. She may never make contact with me again and may have a busy schedule whenever I call... or she may not. But I was left with such an overwhelming quietness - the kind you get when things fall into place and the dust settles, the kind of quiet that tells me not to say anything because there are no words and the silence says it all - but I was left with the quietness that she had found her gate and was rushing towards her prize. And I thought that was pretty cool. She had her groove and it looks like it will only get better.

What I had thought was the ripples of my green thumb, turned out to be weeds. I laughed so hard I didn't have time to be disappointed.

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