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11 September 2006

A Diet of Sorts

Kiki and I were talking at the university today... lamenting over the state of our financial lives and how money seemed to love to join us momentarily and then move on with the next hint of a breeze. And the breeze is usually in the form of a Walmart.

So we're going on a spending diet.

My sister is good with money and makes a game out of seeing how little she can spend when she goes out. On one hand I have to commend her, because it really does seem to work for her. On the other hand I'm glad she's starting to make friends because playing with oneself in a non-sexual manner is usually pretty boring.

Now comes the tough part: to actually look at what I pay on a monthly basis. And before I begin, I should make mention that my chequing account has 83 cents in it. That's $0.83, a zero in the ones position. Not to worry though, I have more in my savings account. It's got a buck.

I have $1.83 to my name. Don't stress... I have money on a line of credit, but that's not real money, so I TRY MY BEST to stay away from it. I try. You can't get blood from a stone. On a side note though, I'm here to report that Dell no longer owns my soul. Futureshop has a piece of it too. And it's sitting on my lap. And I'm blogging on it. And checking my email. And starting a history report. And it likes my bed as much as I do.

Somedays I think I may be an omen from God. A big billboard in the form of a dark cloud disguised in a 5'10" body with fairly long hair. Across me lies large and invisible-to-my-eyes letters that says: WHILE MAKING A LOT OF MONEY AT THE AGE OF 19, DO NO FUCK IT UP. And then in small print: If you insist on fucking it up at that time, don't continue until the age of 26. And pay the damn credit card bill on time for petesakes. Idiot.

Thank heavens Peter is better at it then me. In fact, money lenders both love and hate him. Love him because he's a "good risk", hate him because he makes them zero interest. I, on the other hand, also have a love/hate thing going on. Switch his reasons around and there you have it.

So I'm going to work on my spreadsheet because I promised to email it to Kiki. Because we're spending less together and it's true: there is strength in numbers. We will pack lunches together and drink our coffee brought from home.

I may be a disaster, but really, I'm only a small one.

The rule is not to talk about money with people who have much more or much less than you.

Katherine Whitehorn

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