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24 September 2006

A Saturday Night Wedding Dance

I went to a wedding dance last night where I knew neither the bride nor the groom. I knew most everyone else there, but not, you know, the people that the dance was actually about. I two-stepped with the father-of-the-bride for most of the evening. He's 79 and had just lost his wife of 60 years in July, so it was an emotional evening. He told me that he knew my grandmother on my mother's side and he smiled when he told me that she was a beautiful dancer, and that with practice, I would get there too. He said he liked my smile and told me that I felt good in his arms... I was a strong girl that could handle a lot and he said that was important to a man to find in a woman. He said I was a good woman to find. He told his granddaughter to move out of the way because we were coming through.

I checked the mail for the first time all week and found a little something waiting for me. It had been such a hectic week that I really did put Peter on the backburner... not listening or talking like I usually do. But he didn't mind. And he sent me a white-gold chain with a diamond encrusted heart pendant along with a card that had Mickey and Minnie on it. The top of it said Still Do? When you opened it up, Mickey and Minnie moved together and kissed and it said Me Too. Happy Anniversary. Our first anniversary. How cool is that?


Jeni Paij said...

That is way cool. Scotland and I are up for the 1st one in January. *hugs* Many happy returns. - JP

Ms Dare2dv8 said...

Thanks! :) I'm stupid happy... hehehe

Potor said...

Is a wedding dance different than a wedding reception?

Ms Dare2dv8 said...

a wedding dance is after the reception... the part of the whole affair where the quiet men who had been quietly drinking throughout dinner can really showcase their dancing skills.