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26 September 2006


I went to see my doctor today. He and I have a lengthy, yet sporadic history together. There are very few aches and pains in my life... I like to save my trips to his office for Holy Shit / WTF moments.

As you have read, I have recently had a new addition to my neck - a lump. It is very non-descript and painless; however, I am told it is not good. For tomorrow I have been pushed to the front of the line for blood work, a chest x-ray and a brain scan. They said they would like to rule out mono before they do a biopsy. Apparently I am seeing double on the same side where the lump has established residence.

I'm tired tonight and not sure what to think, so I'm not. I'm going to grampie's. He's always a good place to be.


Anonymous said...

I'm going to wish the absolute best outcome thoughts that I have. That it will be nothing more than some fluid or a benign knot that decided to crop up now, just when you need more on your plate.

I've been told that hope can work miracles. Hang in there and big huge hugs to you.

Smarts said...

love you kiddo.

Potor said...

Bridget is right. Don’t freak out, doctors always want to be careful.

And again, I’m sending more goodness your direction.