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08 September 2006


Tomorrow is my parents' 39th anniversary and I wrote them a letter. Mom will be tickled, dad will have preferred gifts.

Mom & Dad,

Thank you for sticking it out and sticking together. I know it's not been easy, but I want you to know that it has meant a lot to me and I am proud of your tenacity. I've learned that sometimes the hardest things in life are either the most rewarding or the most exhausting. I suspect, without hesitation, that your journey together has been a healthy mixture of the two. I hope the rewards outweigh the exhaustion.

To be perfectly honest, I am startled and awed by the road you have travelled together. They say that there is clarity in hindsight, but you always seem to choose to look forward rather than behind. Those moments have been like stories without words - the meaning comes through, laced with its importance and never swallowing you whole. We were always given a second chance. Grace. You always showed us grace.

You have humbled yourselves to allow us to chose our own. Our own place in the world. Our own moments to shine. Our own moments of regret. Our own moments of failure and then success. You have watched us fall, but lifted us up. You stood and cheered when we stood on our own. You have shown me that life is at its most spectacular best when we least expect is and in the areas that we may otherwise overlooks. You learned to appreciate each other in a way that couldn't help but be passed on.

I have learned that after the rain, there is sun. Even if it means to be endured for forty days and long into the night. Just as tears nourish our souls, because the sun should never go down on your anger.

Jonathan Swift once wrote "May you live all the days of your life". May you continue working on the puzzle of your days together, returning to seek out pieces of pleasure offered by each other that had be rushed over and brushed aside for what was once necessity. May the next 39 years bring you a different life than the first 39, holding on and moving forward. Soaring.

love you forever,
andrea (your kid)


Potor said...


Ms Dare2dv8 said...

thanks :) I was right wants it framed... dad wants a bbq.


ok, not really.... but he does love presents!