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05 October 2006

Capital FM loves Shania Twain. I mean loves her. In a freaky adoration kind of way. Except they only seem to love one song of hers - You're still the One.... because they play it over and over and over and over.... well, you get the picture.

And in case you were wondering, as I'm sure you weren't, I have essentially fallen off the proverbial map of the blogging world. It's pretty much taking everything I have to stay awake and get the necessities done throughout the day. I'm still going with a full course load and work, although work is pretty simple... only 10 hrs / week, so it's manageable. I'm finding very comfortable positions in the least likely places to lay down. I've got a wicked head cold on top of everything else, so the region above my shoulders feels like it could silmultaneously explode due to pressure, or implode due to excessive blowing. Blowing my nose. Not much else these days.

I'm in both shock and awe that this weekend is Thanksgiving... a bit early for my usual liking, but its pending arrival says that it doesn't care about my liking. October is only beginning but when I think about everything that is en route to happening, it's like it's over already. And that kind of freaks me out. I've got 2 midterms next week, and then in a week and a half, Kiki and I will be travelling to Toronto for a wedding of a friend... should be a good time. I always get anxious about time flying by... in school I'm always happy to see it zip by, but I worry about wishing it away.... good things never come by wishing time away.

Peter's home on December 19th for 2 full weeks. This year we're having the New Year's party at our place. Last year was a ball (Gia's cottage) and it was nice just to be with friends in a very informal setting... we're looking for that again. Expect your invites soon.

I work with Kindergarten and grade 1 kids. To say the least, they're pretty cute and daily I offer prayers of Please Lord, Don't Make Me Teach a Full Classroom of Them. Because we would get N O T H I N G done. Ever. Because I would be laughing and that would only encourage them. Because today I met a little girl coming in from recess, with her coat slung over her shoulder and her hair all in an uproar, walking at a near run as if she were trying to keep her upper body from tumbling forward, trying to keep up with the little boy ahead of her, all the while saying "Oh yeah! I'll show you a weirdo, WEIRDO!". And out came her tongue, her eyes crossed, and I swear if she could have made her ears go crooked she would have. And I laughed all day. And I couldn't look at the teacher chastise her for it not being proper behaviour for school or little girls. And all I could think was that I really hoped that she never grows out of that. Because what's life without weirdos?

Sunday morning I was watching Veggie Tales, and if you have never had the pleasure, they're Veggies, telling Tales. Larry the Cucumber and Bob the Tomato usually lead the lessons to be learned. Last week's lesson was that you should share your donuts because friends are better than donuts and it's important to share with your friends. Or atleast it was something to that affect and I've thought about it all week. Or maybe it had more to do with two asparagus named Ootar and Sfen. Ootar had a lisp and he thought Bob the Tomato was silly. Can you imagine? A lispy asparagus named Ootar thought Bob was silly. Weirdo.

Angels can fly because they take themselves lightly; devils fall because of their gravity.

G.K. Chesteron


Anonymous said...

What an upbeat post, full of laughs and hopes. The stories from school made me laugh. Kids are so funny. My children's friends floor me with their playground worldliness.

Hope you're feeling much better each day. Hugs. XOXO

Smarts said...

Ootar sounds gay - for god sake don't tell Gerry Falwell or the Tales will go the way of the Tubbies.

(yes I am completely amused with myself)