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13 October 2006

See it. Hear it. Feel it.

If you remember, way back in July, I posted a comment that Peter made. The summary went something along the lines of "If you paint one more room, it's over". I ran this by Kiki as I finished purchasing the paint for the kitchen. She feels that he would have most definately meant that after I finished painting this particular wing of the mansion. That's what we're going with for now. Because even I, in all my colour attacks, may have possibly outdone myself. And I'm not sure how I feel about it because right now I am sitting in the lazy boy with my feet propped up and looking at the colour that is entitled "Passage to India". Can you even begin to guess what that may be? I'll tell you one thing: no judgement can be made before the second coat is on. I'm not telling him about it until he lands home on Dec 19 and only then am I going to go with the assumption that he is so excited to see me, that he will blot out that his formerly white walls with matching border print are gone and replaced with, well, orange. In fact, I would dare say that one of two things will happen. First, he will shit himself. Secondly, he will put me in line with the Messiah and say Jesus Andrea, what was wrong with how it was? When he says this his eyebrows will raise into his hairline and he will look mildly panicked. He will proceed through the rest of the house to see what other mayhem has taken place in his absence. I will stand quietly, with my head down, trying desperately not to laugh, and remember that I really have turned his eggshell world upside down and replaced it with rainbows. Well, atleast I think it's rainbows. He may consider it more along the lines as colourful storm clouds waiting to strike. I said to him, really Peter, if my painting the walls is going to cause you this much internal turmoil, you should probably be prepared for the simple fact that eventually, I'll probably pull way worse shit.


Smarts said...

Okay, that Messiah comment just about made me come undone.


Jeni Paij said...

"Jesus, that's Priceless!" - PA

Anonymous said...

Funniest post ever. The mildly panicked look had me laughing under my hand. Too cute you are.