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19 November 2006

I got drunk as a skunk last night. Understandably so, I appreciate that I am completely unaware of how much a skunk is able to consume (but I did have a dog that was a cross between a mini doberman and a lhapso ahpso that could drink beer like a son of a whore - again, no idea how much that is in precise measurements other than a LOT. In fact, at various house parties I would look to the corner where my friend Darren would have two beer mugs, one for himself, the other for Sam (dog). All you'd see were the tips of Sam's ears sticking out and Darren grinning like an idiot. Sam always slept well after Darren left.) Anyways, the point of is all was that we started drinking in the afternoon and it ended not-too-late in the evening. Liquored to the tits by 7, tits up by 9. And for the record, I wasn't alone. Peter's cousin's girlfriend helped me polish off the rye. We bought pizza, built a fire, fixed the garage, did the things that needed completed.

It was funny, Rebecca (drunken partner) lived in the same small town that I did years ago on Vancouver Island, and now we live in the woods on the opposite side of the country. We discussed how the coasts differed, and how our lives differed when we lived there. A lot's changed, some good, some bad. Somtimes I think I've lost pieces of who I once was, but I guess that's just part of growing up. Sometimes how things are done around these parts and doings that I don't understand. And that's ok too. We talked about how so many around here marry so young and live out their days in an ok existance... doing what needs done, taking care of the things that need taking care of, accepting their road and their lot and doing the best they can. Never digging a hole they can't get out of, but at the same time, rarely scratching the surface to discover the treasures that may be underneath. I said to Rebecca that I never thought that I would live at the top of a hill that leads down into a small town. I never suspected that I would worry about getting the barbeque put away for the winter, or getting the yard cleaned up before the snow comes. I didn't think that I would stop backpacking or picking up and going or not worrying about what tomorrow brought because it was only me to worry. Funny how things change. I never expected to enjoy some changes as much as I do, but then again, I never expected to miss some of them as much as I do either.

I went up to Grampie's today. He laughed at me drinking the bottle of rye and informed me that it was ok, sometimes it needed to be done. He also told me that I gained weight. I told him that sometimes it was ok to lie to me. He offered me some of his pumpkin preseves that he made.... said they won't hurt me and I look good with a little extra ass. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. My uncle said that the tv only gets TFC. Dad asked him what that was. Two Fuckin' Channels he said.


Smarts said...

lol. congrats on your big ass.


Bridget said...

LOL. Rye and TFC!