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06 November 2006

I'm having a tough time focusing. Now that the decision is made and everyone seems to be pleased (because I'm a pleaser, and I know that I shouldn't worry about other people, but I do. And I tell myself that I'm working on it. I'm pretty sure I'm getting better at it. I'm sure of it.). Now it just seems that the meantime is filled with little other than fluff. I keep thinking that I have lists to make and boxes to pack; however, my reality says that I have two science journals to get handed in before I go to bed tonight and I have to adjust my history paper that was due at 2:30 this afternoon. I'll lose 3% on it, but I figure it would probably be best to take the percentage than what she would dock off of me if I handed it in as is. Part of me thinks it's a good paper. The majority of me thinks it's shit. Funny about my history prof, I really didn't expect us to work out as well as we have, but we've surprisingly managed. For awhile I really felt she needed to go to a bar, pick up someone she didn't know and have dirty sex for atleast 3 or 4 hours - the kind that makes you blush in all the inappropriate places when you think about it even days later. But if I'm to be honest I'm probably as intimidated by her as she is by me. We're the same age. I'm the same age as one of my tenured profs. And wait, it gets better. A guy said hello to me in the SUB (Student Union Building). I looked a bit confused until I really looked at him. I used to babysit him.

We had our first snow of the season this morning. Outside is a slight whisp of white and it really is quite lovely. People nearly broke their necks on the highways this morning, but nothing more damaged than a bumper.

My nephew just popped online... his msn name says "ilu Amanda". Does that mean I Love You, Amanda?? HE'S 14 YEARS OLD!!!

I need a drink.

Screw the decaf coffee, I'm having rye.

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