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23 November 2006

In My Parents' House

In my parents' house
there are many doors, or atleast many places where doors once hung.
and when I think about one door closing and another one opening
I can honestly say that I don't always believe that to be true.

In my parents' house
are coffee mugs that you have to heat up in the winter
and none of them ever match.
Like everything else in life, they too come with seasons
and commemorative moments.

In my parents' house
is an after-thought bathroom that once was a closet,
that needs a new fan,
and has orange walls because I wanted to surprise them
but it was a surprise that I never really thought through.

In my parents' house
we still have our old rooms with our old beds,
and everything that made our rooms ours.
Mom has clothes that fill every closet but that's ok
she can have the closet because the rooms are still ours.

In my parents' house
was love
is love
always be love.
Disjointed by days, but never misplaced.
But that's like a lot of things too.

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Smarts said...

I'd say the mental health day did you good.

you twat you.