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30 January 2007

It takes me back to 1996. The rush of opening the inbox. The technical speed of a 28.8 modem. The wonders of ICQ and chatrooms. All back when seeing fwd meant more than just spam. Back in the days of dial-up.

Well, they're back again. And so am I.

And you thought you could get rid of me. Yeah. Right.

I'm tired tonight so I'll keep it short, but Peter and I have settled in nicely, I'm waitressing at Boston Pizza, and I hate Telus because 200 yards to my immedately right lies high speed and they won't run the wires in.

I promise I will post more soon. I've missed you.


Bridget said...

Welcome back! Dial up-boy, you're roughing it for sure. Congrats on settling in and hope all is well.

Potor said...

My god, Dial-up!

Do you at least have indoor plumbing?

Ms Dare2dv8 said...

lol.... indoor plumbing yes... but they have to truck in our water!

Peter and I are just so happy to have other people to talk to!!

Smarts said...

You should watch You've Got Mail to celebrate!