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05 February 2007

First off, thank you so much to everyone that sent wonderful emails to me - it means the world! Peter and I are so excited and it's great to have everyone on board with us! His parents can hardly wait and last night mom and discussed cribs. I told her that we may buy out here and have stuff shipped home... her response was not to bother doing anything because that's what grandparents are for! We'll take that. I told Grampie about it last night and his response was "Jesus, whaddya do that for?!" But once he found out I was coming home to have the baby he was far more excited. I said Grampie, you've just had too many kids yourself! He said, yes, you're probably right.

Today was a rotten day for sickness. I nearly passed out in the shower, and since I've never passed out before, it's not something I really want to get on board with. What a rotten feeling. On the upshot however, Peter is over the moon that I have officially moved from a 36B to a 38C. And my pants are starting to snug up. ARE MY PANTS SUPPOSED TO BE SNUGGING UP ALREADY??????!!!! I am so unprepared for this. My neighbour did give me The Mother of all Pregnancy Books, so atleast I'm getting some reading done.

I'm sorry I've not been writing much, but my schedule's been hectic and any free moments I seem to be sleeping. last night I slept for 14 hours and am ready to go to bed anytime now. Ah well, maybe I'm just using it as an excuse. But I'm ok with that. :)

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