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28 March 2007

I'm still here. I know. It's been awhile. But I'm still here.

I would like to say that my time has been occupied by feats of greatness and pure marvel. But they haven't. In fact, I would dare say that they have been fairly mundane, but their mundane-ness has been passing quickly. Too quickly some days, because it seems like I have barely gotten out of bed, and then I am climbing right back in, exhausted from the speed of the afternoon.

On a positive note though, I have been learning great lessons. Lessons that are good for my heart, which seems to grow right along with my belly. Lessons that touch me in quiet ways that make so many things make sense and make my soaring world slow down. I am finding a different kind of contentment in myself and my growing family. And a new love for that word... family. My family. Not just a part of one, but one of the makers of it. A big wig. A mom... along with a day... and a kid. I still can't get over the kid part.

I work with a lot of people from around the world - many from war-torn parts that I will never understand, who have seen things in their young lives that make me wonder how in the world they come to work and smile the entire day while doing the most mundane thing. And as I was laying in bed thinking about a man who was so excited because his wife and two children just arrived to finally live with him and all I could think was that I was surrounded by Noah's. Noah did what was necessary and always believed that God would take care. He listened and obeyed and kept plugging away. And maybe he wasn't immediately gratified, he was always satisfied. And I look at the tough decisions that parents have to make for their kids so their kids can be the best, even when it doesn't seem like it. And I suddenly understood a lot of what I never did before.

I'm 17 1/2 wks along now and it's still hard to believe. Baby is taking up lots of room and my belly is growing everyday. I am in love.


Smarts said...

Best post ever. Can't wait to see you!!! and rub baby belly. You can rub JB's newly acquired Bhudda belly for luck.

Ms Dare2dv8 said...

lol - what a trade off!! Hopefully mine's not as hairy!

Colin Monty said...

Thanks Andrea for sharing. Always inspiring. Love the belly, maybe I can send you a few of what Marla looked like with twins. Enjoy, enjoy kids are amazing. Today it was sunny and hot and we walked in the park. The kids are almost walking actually running, I don't think they will walk just run.
Smile lots and keep posting when you can.

Smarts said...

POST ALREADY.... I might just have to remove you from my blogsphere (and you don't want that). Stupid dial-up.

Ms Dare2dv8 said...

thanks Colin... I appreciate the good thoughts :)