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19 April 2007

It's a rainy, overcast, spring-chilly kind of day. And I love it. It's a day that says go ahead and stay inside... watch tv... try not to budge from the couch. It's a great day to have off. A real day off.

I am in both shock and awe that next week is the final episode for April 2007. Just the other day I was wondering where February and March got to. Now it looks like I'll need to add April to the list.

This week has been a big week and I can't say that I'm upset to see it leave. Peter and I had a few... issues, I suppose you could call them, about where to be and what to do. He's frustrated that I'm not done school yet and didn't really enjoy being told that he knew I was in school for awhile when we decided to get together. But like he said, he just wasn't expecting to throw let's be a dad into the mix quite so soon. Which is understandable... to the point where he understands I wasn't really looking for the mom role right off the bat either. So we had a quiet two days, each in our own worlds, trying to sort out and decide who should give where and if one gives does that mean to concede, and if so, who's really giving and who's really conceding? The big ole proverbial rhetoric of being a couple. The giver. The taker. But like everything else, we worked through. I know that I keep going over what a change it is to bring someone else into the decision pot, but it just really is. A great big change. But it's coming. We're changing.

Next Friday after our drs appt, we're heading to Edmonton to look at houses and check out some of the area. Peter has an opportunity for a good job down there, and the area that we're looking to move to is building 3 new schools starting this summer, meaning that there will be plenty of work for me. I would be ecstatic to move south, but mind you, I would be over the moon to move home. It's a tough call to make. And damnit we're going to have to make it.

I think I'll go gnaw on a fudgescicle.


Smarts said...

I love it when you post on a regular basis!

My heart is with you on all these changes that are going on in your life. Don't forget, we all have your back.

my love xoxo

Ms Dare2dv8 said...

what an awesome thing to open up and read :)

love you too