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12 April 2007

Yesterday smelled like spring and it was the best, stinkiest smell that I thought I had forgotten about. It was all about mud and decay in preparation for new things to grow. I love it.

I think I may still be in shock that Easter is actually over and I still have no idea where time got to. Another two weeks and it's my big ultrasound and then we're off to Edmonton to look at houses. We're in a bit of a conundrum as to what to do. I have to return east to finish school (almost done!!) but it's the afterwards that we have to make a decision on. Where we're living right now is not even close to real life by the rest of the universe's standards. I'll be glad to move on from here. I can't hate it because it will make it unbearable. But dream of something else, I will for certain.

I finally got to see my sister for Easter. It was a long (looooooooooooong) drive, but well worth it. Peter and I both had a good visit and can definately agree that it is not somewhere we would want to live (sorry Ang!). But the visit was perfect and I can't wait to see her for the May long weekend. Which, unsurprisingly, will be here, oh, tomorrow.

Other than that, we're getting through each day and enjoying the weather. The sun starts coming up shortly before 6am and goes down shortly after 9pm. So many changes that spring brings. Baby is doing well and the doctor has bumped me ahead a week, informing me that a big baby will be coming. And all I can focus on is my poor vagina. Even though they say it will return, I question the validity. My poor poor vagina. Peter is worried too.

Anyhoo. I hope all is well. My birthday was last week and I have officially landed full force into my 30's by turning 31. Ang said over the weekend that I looked mature. My age. That I was incubating. I take her at face value and understand that she loves me. She just lacks that little social voice that says "maybe I should phrase this differently". Ang, I love you. You're weird, but it's you and I'll keep you. :)

Here's week 19!


Smarts said...

You are a beautiful incubator!!!! And yes, my tactful voice is a bit broken but does work intermittently.

Love you.

Colin Monty said...

you know my tummy looks like that and I'm not even pregnant. Congrats as always, thanks for the updates and the perverbial dialogue of life in lotus land. I hope Edmonton treats you right. The only place for me is the Island.
Hold on to your knickers cause summer is coming.