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02 September 2007

It's hard to believe that it's September 2nd. Peter is home. I'm due any day. The sun is shining. And it's perfect weather for a cornboil. It's kind of insane considering I'm sure that I just did a pregnancy test last week and it turned out positive. Where in the world did time get to???

I am pleased to note that I have absolutley NOTHING to report. It was probably one of the greatest summer's on record (I did little); the most restful time I've every had in my life (see first set of parentheses); and to top it all off I learned how to play and really enjoy a mean game of scrabble. Where has my life turned to from the days of drinking excessively and interesting midnight meetings??

Holy shit I've grown up. Well.... maybe I'd better not go that far.

I just wanted to let you know that I hadn't died. I'm good, Peter's good, the baby's good. She's growing like a weed and I am ready for her to be on the outside. Time for stage two.

I hope you are all well.


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Terri said...

Darling Andrea!!! So positively wonderful to hear from you and read your crazy wonderful post! i am so excited for you and can hardly believe that you are 31 and having a baby, way before Ange or me. Angela was telling me you had Ava picked out for a name and it is a truly beautiful name for what will be a smart, witty, and naturally gorgeous little baby! Good luck with everything and maybe, hopefully, I will get to see you. Dad hasn't been well, in hospital with an almost fractured-pelvis, so holy crap it will be busy when I am home, helping Mom and running to and fro hospital. But I will hope to come across you and the new baby by then??? Post pictures here of the little one when she arrives and I can keep up!!