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10 March 2008

I can't believe that it's been nearly a month again since my last post. And I will reiterate (as I always do) that I still don't know where time has escaped to. Ava is 6 months old today and is talking to me loudly from the bedroom, informing me that she is not quite ready for her nap. And the fact that she was falling asleep in her walker only moments before is nothing short of a moot point. Utterly inconsequential. I give her 10 minutes and she'll be snoring like a beer drinker.

We landed in Edmonton almost two weeks ago with absolutley no trouble. In fact, I don't think it would have been possible for me to buy a better kid. We had a bit of a tough day the morning after, but after a good walk in some much needed fresh air, and a 4 hour nap later, we were on our way to as close as we can get to normalacy.

It was so good to see Peter. I really missed him even though we have spent the majority of our relationship across the country from one another. He missed his girls and I suspect that he will have a hard time letting us go again on Wednesday (even though he will be more than happy to once again have some sleep). He was quite upset when Ava didn't know him at first... she went to him, but I had to be in the room and well within view. He had a tough time with that, especially after having spent so much time together, just the two of them. But, like all things that are initially jumbled and tough, we worked through and ironed out the bumps. He booked his ticket home for nine days at the end of April and thankfully it is only 6 weeks away. After that visit we have a longer stretch, but then that should be the last one. We went house looking last weekend to get an idea of what we needed / wanted / could afford, and never ever EVER would I have even imagined owning a $400,000 home while uttering the words "you know, that's not a bad deal". Holy shit. On a more interesting note, that if you know us probably won't surprise you, our real estate agent is a former stripper. We met her last spring through friends of friends, and you just can't help but like her. She apparently is good at what she does since she bought a new Cadilac Escalade and last summer a new Harley. She was quite excited to hear that Peter was giving me his Harley. She said we can go riding together! I said that would be awesome except that I have to learn to ride it first. She said me too! Somehow I suspect there's a kidered soul in there.

We've been in Fort McMurray for the past week and I have had opportunity to catch up with the few friends that I made up here before. My neighbour's sons came over yesterday (5 and 3 yrs). The oldest was helping me change Ava's bum and when I took off her diaper his eyes got really big and he looked very concerned. He looked at me and said what happened? Because it was very obvious she looked different down there from he and his brother. Does she look different? I asked. He nodded very solemenly and said very matter of factly: she broke.

Ava has a new duck tub. It's a big rubber duck that she can sit in. She squeels when I make the beak quack. I almost wish I had one.


Smarts said...

Oh... I want a rubber ducky too!

Colin Monty said...

Andrea always far and few between when we catch up. Glad your doing well and your daughter is enjoying life. Can you imagine doing that x2? Our kids are almost 2 and it has been so much fun. We moved into our new home in Oct. 07 and it has made a huge difference. You may complain about 400,000 our house is worth over 500,000! Crazy I would never have thought I would own a home worth 1/2 a million dollars.
Thanks for your post, I will try to update my posts too.