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26 July 2009

It feels 5am early, where the entire world is still asleep except for a select few who either embrace it or are forced into it. Funny though, it's actually a minute before 9... even though the whole house and neighbourhood are quiet except for the train rolling through. Nice.

My mom, sister in law, two nephews (17 and 14 years respectively) have been visiting from the east coast, along with my sister down from the north (Hi, A!). It's been a good visit, although I'm not quite as "present" as I'd like/need to be. Seems like my head is always somewheres... finishing school, working, wondering where money is going to come from... the stuff that never makes you pleasant in the evenings when you're hot and tired on top of it all. But I suppose that's a reasonable place to be considering that really, I haven't slowed down in a long time. And it's time to do so. Funny how that initial braking for me seems to take a lot.

I work tonight until 5 and then my cousin and her five kids are over. I always feel like I should throw in "and they all have the same father!" because she's two years older than me, and well, she has FIVE kids! A quiver full. Her husband's a surveyor and travels the province extensively, so much of the time she is left to her own devices. But in her words - "thank God for minivans!" I love that she takes it all in stride... a lesson I hope to soak in tonight.

The coffee pot has sounded. Time to face reality.

The trick is in what one emphasizes. We either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves happy. The amount of work is the same.
Carlos Castaneda

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