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02 January 2010

The Arrival

Our newest addition joined us on December the 9th around 4 in the afternoon on a cold and snowy day, weighing in at 6lbs 15oz and overdue.  Her name is Sarah Adelaide and she is named after my great grandmother and has within her small body a serious genetic propensity of being a very strong (willed and other) woman.  She's perfect.  Ava has become a wonderful big sister, unaffected by crying and fuss, happily taking diapers to the garbage can, helping to burp, loving to hold, also part of the same genetic makeup.  We call her Sadie and it suits her... well, it suits me... her father informs me that her name is Sarah.  I smile because that's ok too.

Right now, I'm tired.  Three and four hours of sleep at night can take their toll, but we seem to somehow be managing.  Peter's mom is here and is a wonderful help, but I can't help but wish my kin all lived a little closer... within arm's reach. 

I never knew that my world was missing something.  The something has been found.

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Smarts said...

Glad to have you back. Now write more. :)