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05 June 2011

I think the most beautiful thing about time is that it just keeps moving. And as a perpetually wandering soul, this is a comforting thing... to know that you're not on your own... sometimes wanting to be anchored yet shying away from the shoreline.

Usually I look at my last post before posting anew. To tell you the truth, I can't even remember when it was or what exactly it said, other than it was more about an unhappy me, going in circles, not counting my blessings... and while being very honest with myself, I was missing the parts that were prevalent and good.

April and May have been busy. Work has been fantastic, getting myself recognized, putting it out there and getting something back. Ava got registered for preschool, Sarah learned to say orange juice and ok and wuv you and in no particular order, but always at the right time... and usually sending out lofty kisses with it. And I think I may have found a husband that, somewhere through the rain and wind, found a wife that he loves and is putting an effort into her that she so desperatley needs. And in turn he has gotten a wife that's let up and realized that just because her reality may be what it is, it doesn't always mean that it's written in stone.

I have a story to read and a puzzle to make because right now, that's far more important then any griping I may have to do. And life really is better with less bitching.



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